• August - 1 | 2018 | 12:00 AM

About Us

We specialize in transforming "sea freight" containers into state of the art bitcoin mining containers fully equipped with everything a mining operator would need. We are the first in the world to offer a service such as this. Our unique selling proposition to our mining customers, is that we fully understand what is involved with mining, and all the variables attached with a cryptocurrency mining business. We know because we used to be miners ourselves mining bitcoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash. So we have a strong business connection with mining operations worldwide.

We made a bold decision late last year to get out of the mining business, and instead provide the tools needed to help other miners operate an efficient mining operation. This wasn't an easy decision because we really loved the mining business, however, we thought we would be better able to position ourselves in the crypto industry as a leading provider of fully equipped bitcoin mining containers as an all in one solution to other miners.

The logic behind our business decision, was to look back at the California gold rush era in the 1850's. Clearly, there is a huge similarity, in terms of what is occurring now and what had transpired in history. There was gold fever in the air, and a rush of gold prospectors and gold mining operations looking to hit it big with a huge find. And some of them did, and became some of the largest gold miners in the world. But the sad reality is that a large percentage of gold seekers did not, they took a huge gamble, and came out with nothing.

But do you know who certainly prospered immensely during the gold rush era even more than the gold miners? The ones that provided the gold mining tools needed for all of the demand that prospectors and miners were seeking. The companies selling and manufacturing the equipment and machinery were the ones who really profited from the gold rush period. So that is exactly how we want to position ourselves in the cryptocurrency industry.

So why would mining operations lease our containers? Its quite simple, upfront capital expenditure. With our leasing program, there is no requirement for them to put the upfront cost of buying containers, transporting them, configuring them, parts, labour, engineering, and the list goes on. We do everything in huge bulk, and this is all we do, so we become extremely efficient at producing high quality mining containers at a cheaper cost per unit. This allows us to lease our specially designed containers, and earn a premium profit. 

Why are we opening our doors to investors? Clearly, it's because we can rapidly grow our business faster, and gain market dominance in the space. We offer a win-win scenario for our investors and for ourselves, these are exciting times to be in. We hope you join us on this journey.


We are the leading global provider of specially designed mining containers that are engineered to meet the needs of today's cryptocurrency mining farms. Our mining containers are equipped with state of the art cooling systems, power redundancy modules, and optimum security and anti-theft features. We lease our mining containers to mining operations all over the globe, and share the profits with our investors.

Why our Investors Choose Us

Professional Management

Experts and engineers from the crypto mining industry, with vast experience in managing  lease contract negotiations with our mining operators.

No Fees

There are no deposit or withdrawal fees.

Exceptional Support

Our support staff are available 24/7 to answer any questions.

Fast Withdrawals

Withdrawals are processed twice a day, Mon-Fri.

Reliable Investment Plans

Our investment plans provide safe, reliable, and high returns for all of our investors.

DDOS Protection

Fully protected against any external threats, secure data encryption, cold storage, external backups, and up-time guarantee.